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Two years ago three of my sorority sisters passed away in a car accident. One of the mothers started a blood drive last year and is continuing to do this year. This year The Second Annual Jessica Lynn Fulmer Blood Drive will be held at the Kappa Delta house this Saturday May 1 from 11:00 am-6:00 pm. Kappa Delta has put an ad in the George Anne and has passed out flyers around campus. This is our way of doing our part of the PR work to make sure the campus and the surrounding community hears about and comes and supports it.

Here is a link the Facebook group where you can find out more information: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=300982262757&ref=ts


I completely agree. It was nice when they were on Jon and Kate plus 8 and they were a happy family, showing the stuggles and the love their famliy shared. But now she is in the limelight for the scandal the divorce has caused. At one end of the spectrum I feel bad for Kate for having her the dirty laundry of eight children aired for everyone to see….thats alot of laundry. But at the same time I can’t help but think she enjoys it a little bit. From the new hair extensions to her being on Dancing with the Stars can have viewers guessing.

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I really found this blog post beneficial. The main thing that I want to do with Public Relations is event planning…and what I want to do even more is plan weddings! It has always been a dream of mine, and these links really helped give me ideas as to how I can get started. The part about working in a diverse areas of interests reminded me that I am going to have to work my way to the top before I can have my dream job of planning weddings. When I went to the site that was linked to this blog, it gave me a list with a variety of other events that I was interested in planning. Such as fashion shows, anniversaries, and birthday parties.

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April 27, 2010 at 9:53 pm | Reply Hey! I like how you’re trying to find your place in the PR world…because I am too! It seems so scary that were going to be out there soon…or atleast one day! haha I feel like even with the economy the way it is people are always going to need to have PR for their companies or organizations. To survive with the economy the way it is their only hope it to have people get word out about their company to help them sell and get more work and business for their company.

Chapter three explains how to avoid legal hassles.

One of the types of legal problems that can come up is the term libel. Libel is something that causes injury to ones reputation. This can be a cartoon, picture, or even words. An example of a libel act is slander, which involves hurts someones reputation by oral communication.

Defamation is another legal problem that if not careful, will cause problems. Defamation can be used as a collective term if a statement is published by print or broadcast and if the plaintiff is able to be identified.

A tip for success that I noticed that is helpful for PR practitioners is dont plagiarize. Copyright and plagiarism can be different. You can still get in trouble for using something that is copywrited if you attribute the materl but you do not get the permission from the source. One of the main problem areas for plagerism is the internet. It is incredibly easy for people to put information on the internet thinking no one will ever noticed that it has already been published somewhere else.

This information is from my book: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques


Chapter 13 offers tips for producing newsletters and brochures.

Newsletters contain different types of news and information, hence the name newsletters. Organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations use newsletters to catch everyone up to speed. They put meetings times, birthdays, and just a general overview of what’s going on within the company.

There are also stories that can be put into newsletters. An example, could be selecting an employee and doing “a day in the life of”. Another good idea is to offer to tips to common problems or issues within the office.

The layout of the newsletter is also very important. It is a good idea to have some whitespace. You don’t want to overwhelm people with too much on a page. It’s also smart to use bulleted list. People get tired of seeing paragraph after paragraph. Bullets make things easier to read.

This information is from my book: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques


First time blogging is not a piece of cake. I am the first to admit that I had my ups and downs while keeping up and managing my blog this semester. Here are some tips that I hope will help!

1. Don’t want until the last-minute! Be sure to keep up with your blogs on a weekly basis. It wont be fun at the end when you have to crank out 50 different ones

2. Visit your teachers blogs regularly. There are often tips and assignments on there that will make the process easier.

3. Play with your blog site for a while before you begin. It’s hard to work on blogs when you don’t know how to manage the site. It will be way easier to move around and use the tools that are offered to make your blog better.

4. Look at your classmates blogs. You will often get ideas or see things that you have missed that need to be done.

5. Do more than is required. Your teacher will probably give you a list of required blogs that need to be done. But use your blog to the fullest and take the time to write personal blogs. People will enjoy reading them!

6.Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t understand how to do something or if something is messed up on your blog, ask your teacher or a classmate for help. You don’t want to go through the entire semester doing it wrong.

7. Label your blogs. After you’ve been blogging all semester it is hard to tell them apart. Make sure you have a unique title along with the what number the assignment is.

8. Use the spell check! Even though it is okay to use slang sometimes when appropriate when blogging, you don’t want to spell things wrong. It will make your blog look sloppy and as if you don’t really care about it.

9. Read you’re blog before publishing. Spell checking isn’t enough. While blogging it is common that you will get a role and sometimes slip up and the things you write won’t make sense. Make sure you go over it again and that someone who isn’t you will be able to follow it.

10. Have fun with it! Blogging is a lot more fun than submitting regular papers. You can add pictures, links and videos. Blogs are meant to be visually inviting so make sure and spice it up!

Chapter 15 covers how to give speeches and presentations. A public relations firm estimated that in the United States, companies, organizations and clubs have a total of about 1 million meetings a day, and in these meetings there are endless speakers or people talking about things that need to be discussed.

 When giving a speech the most important aspect is knowing your objective. It said there is no point in giving a speech unless it accomplishes something. Speeches inform, persuade, activate or celebrate something, and without knowing what you are speaking about, these things will never get accomplished.

It is also important to make sure the topic you are speaking about is up to date and is interesting to your audience. If you are speaking about something that is old, people probably aren’t going to want to listen to you because they’ve heard it several times already.

It also important for speakers to have visual aids when they speak. In the book it said 83 percent of what we learn accounts from what we see. A good visual to use is a Powerpoint. It is estimated that about 300 million people use Powerpoint software. It is easy to use, and is easier to manage than posters and charts.

This information is from my book: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques


The PR Marketing Podcast, “For Immediate Release”, is a weekly commentary that touches on the PR world and the technology surrounding it. Two guys Holtz and Hobson have weekly podcasts talking about different topics that surround PR. There are also different podcasts imbedded into this site of other people who have given speeches or speak about different things involving PR.

I listened to one of the weekly podcasts by Holtz and Hobson.  At this beginning of this podcast Holtz started off with different announcements regarded their website. Such as why things aren’t posted, technical difficulties, and so on. After the housekeeping is taken care of, it switches over to the actual discussion portion of the podcast. Here they discussed a volcano crisis that had occurred in Iceland. Then he moved on to a discussion about Pandora almost being shut down. Then he touched on a Canadian company taking over Facebook, a new media tool called Ning, and the topic of open internet.

This is very beneficial to people who work in the PR field because people have the opportunity to see how information gets on podcasts. Also, if you’ve missed a certain TV show or another way that you get your PR information, PR practitioners can listen at any time of the day or night that is convenient for them.


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